The main use of aluminum ingots

Because aluminum is made of light material, aluminum ingots are widely used in construction, power, packaging, transportation and consumer goods and other occupations. Can be used to produce aluminum plate foil, aluminum alloy, corrosion-proof packaging materials, but also can be used in the chemical industry aluminum alloy, utensils, cables, conductors, central alloys, decoration materials, daily necessities and so on.

In addition, aluminum ingots can also be distributed with other metals such as silicon, copper, magnesium, iron, etc. to improve pure aluminum in forging, chemical and physical lack of distribution out of the alloy.

For example, forged aluminum-si alloys. Meanwhile, ZL101(A) alloys have been used to accept stray parts of medium loads, such as aircraft parts, instruments, instrument housings, engine parts, car and vessel parts, cylinder blocks, pump bodies, brake drums and electrical parts.

Forged aluminum-zinc (Al-Zn) alloy. The ZL401 alloy is primarily used as a pressure forging part, operating at temperatures not exceeding 200 degrees Celsius, and is constructed in a cluttered shape of cars and aircraft parts.

Forged aluminum-magnesium (Al-Mg) alloy. The ZL301 alloy is primarily used in medium-duty parts with corrosion effects or in cold atmospheres and parts with operating temperatures not exceeding 200 degrees Celsius, such as sea wheel parts and machine housings.